The best fresh pasta at the restaurant

For you a buffet lunch and dinner served at the table

For you, we thought of a new buffet formula for lunch, where you can eat how much you want and what you want in total freedom. Most of the guests of the Hotel think this is an ideal solution, the perfect break between a morning at the beach and an afternoon at the pool.

For dinner, we chose a traditional type of service instead, where you can choose your menu and the waiting staff will serve you at the table. Just like in the best restaurants.

There are many chef’s specialties which combine tradition and taste. Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and fresh mushrooms or with shrimps for a hint of sea, meat or vegetarian lasagne Romagna, stuffed cannelloni, tagliolini pasta with sea fish and so much more.

We take great care in choosing all our main ingredients: we only buy fresh sea products and specialties from our generous land, rich in fruit and vegetables, cheeses, meats and extra virgin olive oil.

The Hotel Novecento has decided to enhance local cuisine and to bring the best flavours of Emilia Romagna in particular, and of Italy in general, to the table. During the week, in fact, we organise tastings of traditional products.

Are you ready to die of pleasure with tasty cold meats, raw Parma ham, Mortadella Bologna, Coppa Piacentina and Salame Felino? And then continue your tasting journey with the famous cheeses, such as Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Fossa cheese from Sogliano al Rubicone and Talamello Dop, Squacquerone di Romagna?

We present everything in a sophisticated combination of food and wine with a selection of locally produced great full-bodied wines such as the superior Sangiovese aged in barrels and the Pignoletto.

The best way to have breakfast

Waking up is magical and sweet at the Hotel Novecento.

There is a rich breakfast buffet to start the day with a smile, welcoming you every morning in the dining room. There is an array of brioches, homemade cakes, cereals, fresh bread, jams and lots of sweet and savoury delights.

And why not enjoy a relaxing breakfast by the pool, enjoying the magic of the moment? This is your moment of pure pleasure to be experienced at the Hotel Novecento.

The unique coffee blend with an intense aroma is both ground and espresso.

Forget the taste of serialised vending machines, our coffees and cappuccinos are prepared one by one at the bar, in order to constantly ensure the best quality.